Our values at Simple Pharma Group

Our values at Simple Pharma Group

Values are deeply held beliefs that determine our everyday behaviour in everything we do. They are forged in the company’s DNA and are exhibited by everyone from the most junior intern to senior management.

Our values:
  1. Knowledge and transparency
  2. Agency
  3. First principles thinking
  4. Humility

We create knowledge and transparency to ensure our people have the full context of what they are doing and why they are doing it. Having the right access to knowledge means that, regardless of stature, our team members can act with agency and solve problems with first principles thinking. We don’t wait for arbitrary approvals when we are the informed captain and we are confident to own our decisions because they are based on sound logic and have sought dissent (and advice if required). We have the humility to admit when we are wrong or if someone has a better idea, and take satisfaction from having found an opportunity to improve (continuously). We never seek to take credit for ourselves, and always act in the best interests of the company.

Values in action:

  1. Knowledge and transparency
  • Caring about data: quality, accuracy, and availability.
  • Empowering other team members with information so they can make good decisions.
  • Knowing the value of coaching.
  • Applying the ‘A’ in S.E.A. (specific, exhaustive, and auditable).
  • Understanding that from the company’s perspective, knowledge that is contained only in your head, email inbox, or some other private channel is quite useless.
  1. Agency
  • Recognising that most decisions are reversible, and those with the most context (or informed captains) are generally best equipped to take them.
  • Encouraging and giving confidence to other team members to act with agency.
  • Being proactive and not assuming that something will happen on its own.
  1. First principles thinking
  • Starting with a hypothesis and trying to disprove it, rather than writing off an idea to begin with.
  • Never accepting ‘that’s how it’s always been done’ as a reason for doing anything.
  • Challenging assumptions and raising the intellectual bar.
  1. Humility (an enabler for values 1-3)
  • Sharing information freely helping colleagues and the company expand their knowledge (knowledge and transparency).
  • Supporting informed captains to take the lead, even if it comes at the expense of exerting one’s own influence (agency).
  • Knowing full well that one can be wrong and when someone has a better idea (first principles thinking).
  • Receiving feedback well, realising that one’s own improvement is in the best interests of the company even if it is uncomfortable to digest.
  • Never declaring victory. There are always opportunities to improve.

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