The best home for pharma products

We provide a safe pair of hands to host and manage pharma products, covering every step on behalf of commercial entities.

Weallow product owners to focus on sales, marketing and what’s important – their therapy areas and their patients.

We can manage everything while remaining compliant with regulations: from picking up products at the gates of the factory through to sales to customers, including distribution, pharmacovigilance and VAT and tax.

About us

Our purpose is to take the complexity out of pharma operations and fundamentally improve patient access to medicines on a global scale.  

We provide flexible solutions that allow proven pharma products to remain competitive and flourish on the market for longer:

CloudOps is a fully integrated service to ensure compliant distribution of pharmaceutical products globally. We pick up products at the gates of the factory and sell to customers (wholesalers and hospitals) covering supply planning, warehousing, transportation (inbound and outbound), lifecycle regulatory compliance, pharmacovigilance, finance management, and serialisation compliance.

We know that product divestments can be resource and time heavy. If you are looking to divest or grant licensing rights, we can offer an alternative to the traditional process with a streamlined procedure called “RapiDivest”.

Regain focus on your core activities

We partner with world-leading pharma companies and biotechs to help them focus on what they do best to add value.

CloudOps is our integrated pharma products outsourcing offer, that is the best alternative to building out your own operations. You can focus on sales, marketing, market access to drive value while we take care of ensuring products are available to customers in a compliant, best-in-class way.

Weare always interested in acquiring products to help you simplify your operations. Because we recognise that a transaction itself is a significant distraction, we design our processes to be straightforward and to minimise the burden on you.


About Us

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